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Each bid will be an offer to purchase and the party making the highest accepted bid will be the Purchaser. The sale becomes complete on acceptance of the bid by the Auctioneer at a reserve price or controlled price as indicated by the fall of the hammer or otherwise. The advance in the bidding will be regulated by the Auctioneer who will have the sole right of deciding who the last bidder was. In the event of a dispute between two or more bidders, the lot in question may be put up and resold at the Auctioneers’ discretion. The Purchaser shall be bound by all announcements made by the Auctioneer at the commencement of and during the sale whether present or not at the time of making said announcements.

The Auctioneer may, at his sole discretion and without assigning any reason therefore, refuse a bid or withdraw an article either before or after it has been put up for auction.

The Auctioneer shall have the option of demanding cash on acceptance of the bid, as above and upon failing payment, may cancel the sale and offer the article again by auction.

All articles are sold “voetstoets” (as they are) and the auctioneers do not hold themselves liable or responsible for any damage or deficiency. 

No article/s shall be removed without the consent of the Auctioneer. Each lot will be at the risk of the Purchaser as soon as knocked down and shall be removed and settled for in terms of the conditions otherwise a charge will be made for warehouse rent.

All articles may be paid for in cash, credit card or cheque on the day of sale. Failing to do so, a rate of 10% for collection and interest charged at 28% per annum will be charged. 

Should the Purchaser/s neglect or fail to comply with any of the above conditions, the articles may be resold either by Public Auction or by Private Sale at the risk of the Defaulter/s who shall bear all expenses incurred by such resale and without being to their benefit. The Defaulter/s shall also be responsible for all damage and shall make good all deficiency.

The Auctioneers Venue Roll of Sale is final. No dispute will be taken into consideration as to the correctness of same.

A Commission of 15% shall be levied on all goods and is payable by the Purchaser.

An amount of 15% VAT on the commission only is to be paid by the Purchaser. Commission & Telephone Bids: Whilst the interest of the prospective buyers are best served by personal attendance, the Auctioneers may execute bids on behalf of prospective buyers. Neither Sandton Auctioneers, its agents or employees are responsible for any neglect relating to the commission and telephone bids, including without limitation, any telecommunication errors or failures.


Services include: 

Buying, selling and taking on consignments of Fine Art, Antiques, Investment Carpets as well as good condition Investment Furniture, Sports Memorabilia and Collectables.

Auctioneering of Fine Art, Persian Carpets, Bronzes, Collectables and Antiques.

Property Auctions including appraisals as our specialists are regularly in search of property for their portfolio of clients.

Liquidation Auctions across the board from residential to manufacturers to office parks.

Deceased Estates Auctions - personal and business. Valuations & Assessment of: 

Water damaged goods for insurance purpose including General Household Insurance and General Business Insurance.

Repairs & restoration of art, investment carpets etc.

Cleaning of investment carpets

Valuations and assessment (physical & online) of Fine Art, Antiques, Investment Carpets, Property etc.

Procedures for Valuations Online: 

The first step in the process is to arrange a basic valuation done by mail.

We will establish up front the reasoning for the valuation ie. Insurance,

damage or sale.

Email us with a full description including all relevant information about the item as well as attach all relevant certificates or documents pertaining to the item.

Attach clear digital photographs of the item, preferably from all angles in JPEG or PDF format.

Advise us whether you wish to sell the item or just want a valuation.

The valuation process should take no longer than 3 working days.

We will then inform you via mail with the result of the valuation.

You will advise us as to whether you want to set a reserve price if you wish to consign the item to us or alternatively we will advise you what we believe the item will sell for if you do consign to us.

We will also advise what Sellers commissions will be charged according to format of sale ie. Outright sale from our showroom or auction.

Shortly after the sale, you will receive a listing of the final hammer price or sale price for the item you consigned. We will send payment within 30 days of the sale date provided we are in receipt of the cleared payment.